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MyTino is a platform for freelancers from all different backgrounds to commune with employers that are not only local, but also overseas. MyTino job database consists of job opportunities not-only from MyTino users, but also from third-party affiliates, to form a comprehensive compilation of available opportunities for the freelance-and to build a stable of able, willing and prepared writers for the buyer of said services. MyTino's outsourcing stage, for the buyer, makes contracting a writer an ease and inexpensive. Traditionally, without the compliment of outsourcing to overseas markets, the cost of doing business for a company just for advertising: graphics and copy, content, logo design, website design, is a pretty large figure. With the introduction of outsourcing to the marketplace, capital invested in design is reduced to a fraction of the cost, while human-produced quality output is still rendered effective. Outsourcing is a wise method for any buyer of freelancer services to save money; MyTino is an excellent site for freelancers and buyers in many aspects. Free Work Marketplace

Pertaining to buyers, MyTino provides for them to achieve completion of their desires in a multitude of creative ways. Take, for instance, the Contests section of the job-database social-networking website. There, buyers can post contests where freelancers will compete for one fee, delivered one time, upon completion of the assignment. For buyers that means that they'll receive numerous suggestions from potential clients for them to sift through, perhaps even gaining ideas, but only having to choose one. This form of social brainstorming is an effective way to grow, change or adapt any business in pursuit of owner expectations. For the buyer and provider, MyTino acts as an intermediary to safeguard any potential theft taking place in the online freelance environment, as there is danger for both parties involved. MyTino acts as a secure vault, holding purchaser-money while the freelancer completes the assignment, after the buyer and freelancer are both satisfied, the buyer releases the money into the freelancer's custody and the transaction is completed. For both parties, this instills a sense of trust which is required for any freelancer to effectively complete their assigned tasks.

For the freelancer: writer, artist, designer, creative mind; performing in a contest is a definite way to obtain a contract, applied skills required, quickly, maintaining the ability to ensure that they will be paid for their time. The freelancer also is able to establish himself as a prime candidate for other employers this way, and even raises his chances of becoming a long-term client of some companies. For the freelancer, winning contests is proof of ability, commitment and desire which goes helps the employer define personality, translated into work habits, ethic and other similar behaviorisms. On MyTino, contests are one of the primary methods of raising money, aside from their vertical job-search tool, browse feature, and other tools designed to facilitate the freelancer market. MyTino provides a stable platform for the freelancer and buyer to meet and negotiate business safely, securely, efficiently and productively.

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